how can we help?


Arrange for an in-home estimate of your finishing needs. We'll take into consideration the look you're interested in in relation to your decor. We'll probably come up with some ideas you never considered. Stretch your imagination and let us help your home decor to speak volumes about your individuality and tastes.


Bring your stuff to us and come by our shop. Only three minutes from Broadmead/Royal Oak. Share a few minutes with us over a cup of tea or coffee to discuss your furniture problems. Together we will find solutions.



 Touch-up supplies and furniture care products available for purchase. We've got stain pens to match most any colour, as well as wax-free furniture polishes and cleaners.


Got those dreaded white marks/heat stains in your furniture? Click on this link here to get to one helpful solution.


See also our partners in crime section for links to others you may find helpful such as home renovation specialists and designers.